ANNOUNCING: The First and Only USDA-100% Certified 100% Organic Truffle Oil

You read it right: daRosario Truffle Oil is now 100% USDA Certified Organic. And it's the only USDA-certified organic truffle oil on the market. Check out our new label here!

Did you know most truffle oils are made of synthetic (read: chemical) ingredients? And any other truffle oil claiming to be "organic" is not, according to the USDA?

Then read the press release below, and get in touch with me if you want to know more!


New York, January 4, 2008 – For the first time ever, a USDA-certified organic white truffle olive oil will be available in restaurants and retail stores, it was announced today by Rosario Safina, President, da Rosario.

“Truffle oil is an increasingly popular ingredient on restaurant menus, but it’s been far from natural. da Rosario USDA-100% Certified Organic White Truffle Olive Oil is the only one made with 100% certified organic ingredients. Today’s consumer is equally interested in sophisticated and healthy products , and we bring the best of both worlds to them,” he said.

The celebrated, delicate yet powerful flavor of the white truffle has long been a staple of pricier, exclusive restaurants in New York and LA. But as cooking and celebrity chefs have gone more natural and organic, consumer desires have followed the same route. Now, the magical, distinctive flavor of truffles is 100% natural and certified organic by the USDA – emblematic of the overall green trend that’s taken hold of the country.

“I believe that truffle oil isn’t just for connoisseurs anymore. Look at how tastes for basics like extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegars have evolved into high-end products over the years. We’re making the same thing happen with truffles – organically,” Mr. Safina said.

Each bottle of da Rosario USDA-Certified Organic White Truffle Oil features organic Italian white truffle pieces in mild organic extra virgin olive oil with 100% real organic Italian white truffle flavor – not found in any other truffle oils, and something consumers have never experienced before – imparts a genuine, multi-dimensional and natural white truffle taste that combines easily in dishes, and is easy to digest. “It’s impressive like fresh white truffles, but not overpowering, and leaves no bitter aftertaste on the palate when prepared in a dish, just the flavor of real fresh white truffles,” says Mr. Safina

The bottle’s fresh, modern and appealing label demystifies a traditional European delicacy, and its pricing makes it highly accessible to everyone. The 8-ounce Organic White Truffle Oil will retail for $45, Organic Black Truffle Oil will retail for $32, and the Organic Porcini Oil for $25. These reasonable price points are due to the fact that Mr. Safina’s oils are produced in the USA from imported certified organic Italian ingredients. This saves the costs of importing the finished product for a higher retail price, while ensuring the same high quality.

In addition to fine natural foods, gourmet and specialty stores and sites, da Rosario USDA-100% Certified Organic Oils will also be available at upscale supermarket retailers.

Rosario Safina is one the country’s foremost expert on truffles and has introduced numerous truffle and mushroom products to the U.S. For over 20 years, he and his companies have supplied the most renowned chefs and restaurants with the finest ingredients like truffles, caviar, wild mushrooms, prosciutto and smoked salmon. In 2001, he published the first domestic book on truffles, Truffles: Ultimate Luxury, Everyday Pleasure. da Rosario is his latest effort to further popularize the use of truffles in everyday cuisine.
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