Read all about it: da Rosario USDA 100% Organic Truffle Oil in the New York Times!

Renowned food writer Florence Fabricant has spoken in the Food Section of the New York Times:

Food Stuff
Published: January 9, 2008 The New York Times

Oils That Have Known a Truffle

For the last few years there’s been a deluge of seasoning oils tricked up with chemicals and called white truffle oil. But now there is a pleasant, more authentic alternative.

Rosario Safina, who has been in the truffle business for many years, has developed a white truffle oil using delicate organic Italian extra virgin olive oil with bits of white truffle and extracted essences of truffle, called “truffle flavor” on the label. There’s a whiff of honest white truffle aroma and a subtle flavor of truffles. “I could make it stronger,” Mr. Safina said. “It would just take more truffles and much more money.”

Da Rosario organic white truffle oil is $26.99 for eight ounces from Fresh Direct; by the end of the month it will be sold in some fancy food shops, including Gourmet Garage and Citarella. There is also quite a fine Da Rosario black truffle oil, $19.99 for eight ounces at Fresh Direct.

Thank you Florence!

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