Land of Organic Truffles

In a land with a bent for agriculture, immersed in the beautiful landscape of Umbrian valleys, there is a farm called "Profumi Umbri". The company, which is only run by family members, turned to organic agriculture about 10 years ago.
Having accrued a long experience in the traditional farming business with leading industrial groups, the owners realized that the only way to recover a correct balance between production and processing requirements was to devote to organic agriculture. This was also an ethical decision, because profits cannot be the only focus of business, but a company must also care for product quality and reliability.

The land occupied by the farm was especially suitable, because there are natural ditches all around its perimeter that shield it from any contamination from adjacent lands.
Over the years, the company has diversified production with olive trees and truffles on one of the largest farming lands in Umbria. Besides cultivation methods, the company pays special attention to harvest and process of farming products. Olives are gathered manually and squeezed in 24 hours. Truffles are gathered only in restricted periods of the year, according to the regional regulation and only with the help of dogs. Only mature mushroom and truffle bodies are harvested without damaging the rest of the cultivation, which is a wealth for the company.

The experience accrued has allowed the farm to win market shares with high-quality products and especially with seasonings that are flavored with white and black truffles and boletus mushrooms.
Product labels describe the composition of seasonings, made with natural products such as 100% pure olive oil and natural aromas from organic agriculture.
Based on its long experience, the farm can obtain natural seasonings without the use of synthetic aromas, so that truffles, an outstanding produce of the Umbria region, can be enhanced by pure olive oil.

This is the wonderful company that collaborates with Rosario Safina, the country’s foremost expert on truffles, in the introduction of the one and only USDA-certified truffle oil in the United States.

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